A True “Changemaker” in Breast Imaging

Dr. Amy Patel has been chosen as the American College of Radiology‘s Inaugural Changemaker! Amy is the trailblazing Medical Director of Liberty Hospital Women’s Imaging in northwest Missouri. She advocates for breast health and patient care all while promoting diversity in the field of radiology. Her continuous work in bridging the healthcare cap for rural women made her a shoo-in for ACR’s Changemakers project!

About the Changemakers Project

“Around the world, radiologists are transforming the specialty and advancing medical care. They’re providing expert imaging interpretation to guide treatments while partnering with referring physicians, consulting with patients, serving as advocates, and developing innovations for high-quality, accessible, equitable healthcare…

They are the trailblazers, the leaders, the influencers … the CHANGEMAKERS. This occasional series of profiles helps us know some of these inspiring radiologists better as they discuss why they pursued careers in medicine, what drew them to radiology, who they consider their mentors, what motivates them to approach demanding challenges, why they see radiologists as stewards of care, and even how they spend their downtime…

We hope you gain inspiration from these stories, and we invite you to visit the Imaging 3.0 case study library (acr.org/changemakers) for additional strategies to advance your own changemaking journey.” — THE IMAGING 3.0 TEAM of the American College of Radiology

“As a woman and a person of color, Amy is making huge contributions to the radiology community.” — Geraldine B. McGinty, MD, MBA, FACR

From breaking down barriers to championing change, from local hometown sports fan to advancing patient care…Dr. Amy K. Patel is a true “Changemaker”.

Read the full article by Brook Bilyj here: Leading Change with Grace and Grit

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Original publication by Brooke Bilyj on American College of Radiology.

About Dr. Amy

Amy Patel, MD | Breast Radiologist, Alliance Radiology | Medical Director, Liberty Hospital Women’s Imaging | Associate Professor of Radiology, University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine