Dr. Amy Patel has been named the Chiefs’ 2022 Fan of the Year.

Dr. Patel is so incredibly honored to be recognized by a team and an organization that means so much to her. As a Missouri native, the Chiefs’ spirit has been running through her veins for a lifetime.

After working with Harvard University, Dr. Patel returned to the Kansas City area in 2018 to build a comprehensive breast program at Liberty Hospital, the first of its kind in the region which serves Northwest Missouri to Southern Iowa. Dr. Patel felt compelled to move back to the region to create equitable breast care access as she saw these disparities in her rural hometown of Chillicothe, MO.

Her work as a radiologist, educator, and legislative advocate, has shown a commitment to the Kansas City community that runs as deep as her love for the Chiefs. When she’s not cheering on her patients, students, and staff, you can often find her in Arrowhead Stadium cheering on her team.

Receiving her nomination is only the beginning though, Dr. Patel needs help to bring this title back to the Chiefs’ kingdom. Dr. Patel is up head to head with 31 other fans competing to be named the NFL’s Fan of the Year and she needs YOUR vote to win.

If you’d like to support Dr. Patel’s mission to be named the NFL Fan of the Year, head to this link to voteNFL 2022 Fan of the Year | NFL.com

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