It Takes a Village…Part 2

Dr. Amy Patel and Ferrum discuss the importance of prioritizing breast health in the 4-part series with Kathleen Poulos. 

Breast Health Series: Advocating for Equity in Breast Care

In this 4-part series, Dr. Amy Patel and Ferrum explore the challenges women face in managing their breast health, potential solutions for these challenges, and they look to the future and the role technology can play in optimizing breast care.

Over the course of their discussion, they address the challenges women face in managing their breast health and the role the healthcare community can play in supporting and advocating for women. 

Are confusing screening recommendations and COVID care delays a factor in the rising incidence of breast cancer?

Kathleen: One of the other challenges you mentioned was an increase in the incidence of breast cancer. Why do you think that’s happening and what can we do to address this increase?

Dr. Patel: The incidence of breast cancer is going up, which is worrisome. Back in the 1980s and 1990s, we saw an uptick in cases. In the 2000s however, with the advent of new treatments, particularly in the field of medical oncology, we started to see the numbers coming down. And so, we’ve had a good 10 to 15 years where numbers are coming down, but now we’re seeing an increase in the incidence of breast cancer of about 0.3% a year. So that is also a challenge.

“A lack of agreement on screening recommendations can be very conflicting and confusing for women.”

Dr. Amy Patel, Medical Director, Breast Care Center Liberty Hospital

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